Pastor Harold L. Timberlake, was born in Ithaca, New York on January 18, 1978. Raised in Flint, Michigan where he was licensed to preach at the young age of 16 at the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor Timberlake received his Bachelors of Arts degree in Religion and philosophy from Shaw University in Raleigh, NC where he is currently completing his Masters of Divinity at The Shaw Divinity School. Pastor Timberlake was ordained to preach at the age of 22. God gave Pastor Timberlake a vision for a non denominational church where the spirit of God could have his way and where signs and miracles would be made manifest. 

     In 2005 Good Shepherd Ministries in Oxford, NC was birthed. Through many prayers GSM which started out in a funeral home, moved into a community center and is currently worshiping in a 200 seat facility and has become a worshiping fixture in the community. In April of 2011, God gave Pastor Timberlake another vision to plant a church in Charlotte, NC. August 7, 2011 over 100 people gathered into 1000 seat sanctuary of The Good Shepherd Church. Pastor Timberlake’s vision is that the church will take a leadership role in community, be a leading support for the family in mirroring the image of God in daily life. His infectious joy and love for life permeates every fiber of his teaching and preaching. Pastor Timberlake desires to change the surrounding areas of Charlotte, NC by exuding the love of God, encouraging great health by maintaining God’s temple, and motivating his members to extend themselves to others who need to know the love of Jesus Christ.

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